Strategic Roadmap

As the Internet Marketing eco-system has increasingly grown more complex, it is crucial to first conduct a thorough analysis of your presence on all relevant channels in the US before formulating the best overall online strategy to maximize your company’s ROI.

The Strategic Roadmap® thoroughly analyzes your visibility across the major online channels and delivers a comprehensive actionable set of recommendations.

It also investigates your competition’s visibility in the US and their strategies and determines what has successfully worked for them.  (We can also check your competition’s visibility in other countries if you request it). We then take the winning strategies that your competition has often taken much time and money to develop and we share them with you so you can emulate them.

The Strategic Roadmap® will deliver a comprehensive set of actionable findings and recommendations. It includes:

  1. Cross-browsing analysis to make sure your site appears correctly on 90% of all browsers and on most phones, tablets and desktops.
  2. Website Speed loading test.
    Google uses page speed as a major ranking factor.
  • According to Kissmetrics 65% of searches are performed on mobile phones.
  • According to Website magazine your site should load in less than 20 seconds otherwise your visitor will leave

We test your website speed on several speed testing platforms and we come up with recommendations on how to fix your speed delays if your site has any.

  1. Google Analytics audit to make sure that you don’t have any holes in your data collection and interpretation of your visitors’ behavior while visiting your site.
  2. Site audit to ferret out barriers to SEO (Search engine optimization).
  3. Link audit to ferret out possible toxic links that could hurt your rankings.
  4. Keyword research to determine which keywords your target market searches for.
  5. Keyword ranking report to determine where you rank for the keywords you should rank for.
  6. Find out what best keywords to pursue organically taking into account your current rankings and the competitivity of the keywords you need to rank for.
  7. Audit your visibility on Bing accompanied by recommendations.
  8. Find out what best PPC keywords to invest in taking into consideration the average lifetime value of a client being $500 (gross profit).
  9. Competition analysis overview and recommendations. (Please furnish us with the name of 3 competitors).
  10. A Powerpoint presentation of the Strategic Roadmap®.
  11. A 90-minute consultation with Stephen Gorgey going over the Strategic Roadmap®.

Our analysis will require that you furnish us with login and passwords to your Google Analytics account.  If you don’t have your Google Analytics set up we can set it up for you for an extra charge.


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Brenda Stimpton,

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Anna-Lea Dieringer,
Co-founder of VMO,

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