Strategic Roadmap

The Digital Marketing Strategic Roadmap® has saved our clients millions of dollars in time and money.   Since the digital marketing landscape has become ever more complex and competitive, there are many different strategies to choose from.  Whether it is buying ads on Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or using the services of an SEO or PR agency, it all costs time and money! By the time you find the best strategy for your company, much of your marketing and advertising budget may be depleted!  So, doesn’t it make sense to research and have your digital marketing strategy in place before you start spending

The Digital Marketing Strategic Roadmap® delivers:

  • A digital market analysis of your eco-system, where you fit in that eco-system and what strategies you should pursue to fulfill your goals.
  • thorough digital marketing efficiency analysis of your digital presence which will reveal the holes you might have in your digital marketing strategy. This analysis will be followed by clear, specific recommendations and directions aimed at improving and maximizing your presence, reach and results.
  • digital marketing competition analysis: we conduct a digital efficiency analysis of your competition and reveal their best strategies, that we then share with you so you can emulate them (Please furnish us with the name of 3 competitors). As you emulate your competition’s best proven strategies, your results will improve accordingly.
  • A comprehensive strategy based on analysis that will save your company time and money

Specific deliverables:

    1. Find out which keywords your potential clients search for when looking for the solutions you offer.
    2. Find out what are the most popular questions asked on the web that pertain to your business so you can create content that answers your prospective customer’s questions.
    3. Find out which posts that pertain to your business perform best on Facebook so you can emulate them.
    4. Find out which are the best keywords that pertain to your business to target on YouTube.
    5. Find out whether your site appears correctly on 90% of all browsers, phones and tablets.
    6. Find out whether your site loads fast enough to be competitive.
    7. Find out whether there are any holes in your analytics collection and interpretation of your visitors’ behavior.
    8. Find whether your site is being penalized by Google because it contains barriers to SEO.
    9. Find out whether your site has toxic back links that are hurting your rankings.
    10. Find out which keywords your site is ranking for.
    11. Find out how your Social Media marketing strategy stacks up against three of your major competitors and discover what strategies they use.
    12. Find out which keywords your competitors’ sites are ranking for.
    13. Find out which best SEO keywords to invest in:
      Based on which keyword you should pursue organically – taking into consideration your competition’s best keywords, when and if you can rank on the first page of Google for those keywords.
    14. Find out what best PPC keywords to invest in, if PPC is deemed relevant as a strategy, taking into consideration your competition’s best keywords, and the average lifetime value of a client (gross profit).
    15. Find out how your back-link strategy stacks up against your competition’s and which backlinks you should also acquire so you can gain more visibility, visits, appointments and clients.
    16. Get specific strategic recommendations based on your competitor’s best strategies.
    17. Find the names of social media influencers in your business so you can be aware of what they like to write about so that you can engage them with content that you can craft which they would in turn want to publish for their followers.
    18. Explore PR opportunities.
    19. Creative, out-of-the-box strategies to take your company to the next level.
    20. A Powerpoint presentation of the Strategic Roadmap®.
    21. A 90-minute consultation with Stephen Gorgey going over theStrategic Roadmap®.

    Our analysis will require that you furnish us with:
    – Access to your Google analytics, Search console, and AdWords accounts
    – Access to your site’s back-end


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“My partner and I own and operate an ecommerce site called: We hired Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to design a strategic roadmap for our company in order to take our ecommerce business to the next level. Part of the Strategic roadmap was to get a solid understanding of our online competition and identify the most effective online marketing strategies to invest in. We highly recommend Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to any company that needs a clear plan to take their business to the next level.”

Brenda Stimpton,

“My name is Anna-Lea Dieringer and I am the co-founder of VMO, a virtual marketing office based in Seattle, WA. We hired Stephen Gorgey and his company Target Logic to perform an Online Strategic Roadmap in order to assess a client’s online strategy. Stephen provided a wealth of information about our client’s industry and competition, and showed our client how to most effectively invest their marketing dollars online to increase sales and achieve a better return on investment.”

Anna-Lea Dieringer,
Co-founder of VMO,

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